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  Industrial Division

Manufacturer                                  Products                                              

ARIES Industries                                           Sewer Cleaning & Pipe Camera Inspection Systems

Armstrong                                                       Steam Traps

Armstrong Pumps                                         Circulators, Inline, Vertical Pumps                                        

ARO                                                                   Valves, Cylinders

ASCO                                                                Solenoid Valves, Pressure Switches &Parts

ASHCROFT                                                     Pressure Gauges and Thermometers

Aurora Pumps                                                Circulators, Inline, Vertical Pumps

Barber Colman                                              Thermostats, Actuators & Controls

Belimo                                                              Actuators

Bell & Gossett                                                 Pumps & Parts

Bellofram                                                         Transducers / Regulators

Broan                                                                Exhaust Fans & Parts

Burkert Valves                                               Solenoid Valves

Burks Pumps                                                 Turbine and Centrifugal Pumps & Parts

B/W Controls                                                  Level Controls

Chromalox                                                      Electrical Heating Elements

Darling Fire Pumps                                       Fire Pumps

Dayton                                                             Fans, Blowers, Dehumidifiers, Air Compressors

Dwyer                                                               Manometers, Mercoid Switches, Magnehelic Gauges

Erie                                                                    2-Way & 3-Way Valves for Fan Coil Units

Fireye                                                                Burner Controls

Fisher                                                               Steam & Pressure Regulators

Furnas                                                              Relays, Motor Starters

General Filter                                                   Fuel Oil Filters

Gould                                                                Circulating Pumps

Griswold                                                           Circulating Pumps

HADRONEX                                                    Smartcover - Satellite-based Sewer Level Monitoring System

Honeywell Air Purification                           Air Purifiers

Honeywell Flame Safeguard                      Boiler Controls, Pressuretrol, Ignitors

Honeywell Industrial Controls                   Control Systems, Recorders, Transmitters

Honeywell Building Controls                     Air Conditioning Controls

Inncom                                                             Hotel Room Controls, Smart Thermostats

Jacuzzi / Griswold                                         Pumps & Parts

Johnson Controls                                         Thermostats, Actuators & Controls

KEG Technology                                           Sewer & Drain Cleaning Nozzles & Root Cutters

Maid O Mist                                                      Air Vents

Maxitrol                                                             Gas Regulators

Maxon                                                               Gas Valves & Parts

McDaniel                                                          Pressure Gauges

Mc Donnell Miller                                           Boiler Controls, Flow Switches 

McQuay International                                   Parts and Equipment

Mercoid                                                            Flow & Pressure Switches

Microswitch                                                    Switches: Manual, Limit, Photoelectric

Metraflex                                                          Flexible Pump Connectors

Myers Pumps                                                 Sump, Sewage, Ejectors, Self-Priming

New York Blower                                           Commercial Blowers & Parts

Paco Pumps                                                   Pumps & Parts

Penn / Johnson                                             Thermostats, Actuators & Controls

Penn Barry                                                      Exhaust Fans

Proco                                                                Flexible Connectors

Robertshaw                                                    Heating and A/C Control

Spirax / Sarco                                                 Steam & Pressure Regulators

Super Radiator Coils                                    Replacement Coils for Cooling & Heating Equipment

STS Single Phase Soft Start                       208/240 VAC Air Conditioner / Heat Pump Soft Start     NEW!

Taco                                                                  Pumps & Parts

Teel                                                                    Pumps & Parts

Topog-E                                                           Hand Hole & Manway Gaskets

Trerice                                                              Pressure Gauges &Thermometers

United Electric                                               Temperature and Pressure Switches

U.S. GAUGE                                                    Temperature/Pressure Gauges

Watlow                                                              Heaters and Controls

Watts                                                                 Pressure Regulators, Backflow Preventers

Weiss                                                                Pressure Gauges and Thermometers

Weksler                                                            Pressure Gauges and Thermometers

Wellman                                                           Heaters and Controls

White Rodgers                                              Thermostats, Actuators & Controls

WIKA                                                                 Pressure Gauges and Thermometers